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Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses - First Lens - Upto 40% off

Monthly Disposable

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Monthly disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for 1 to 3 months, as directed by your doctor, and then thrown away. Popular monthly contacts include Proclear CompatiblesPurevisionBiofinity, Focus, and Air Optix Aqua. A toric or multifocal contact lens can also be found at a good price.

Monthly disposable contact lenses are better in comfort than yearly disposable contact lenses and have 55% water content and increased oxygen permeability. They are also more hygienic than yearly disposable contact lenses.


In addition to letting more oxygen through to keep your eyes clear and white, the silicone hydrogel material in monthly contacts can also be more comfortable. Your eyes can breathe better while still staying moist, a balance that is achieved with better contact lens technology.

Monthly contact lenses, bi-weeklies, or dailies — it’s your choice

Always talk to your eye doctor when you get new or different contact lenses. Your eye doctor will make sure your contacts are prescribed and fitted for your eyes, so they keep both your eyesight and your eye health at their best.

When it comes to contact lens schedules, picking between monthly, biweekly and daily contact lenses is often a matter of personal preference, but your doctor can give you additional guidance on making the best choice for your lifestyle.