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Yearly Disposable Contact Lenses - First Lens - India

Yearly Disposable

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Contact lenses have come to be a great replacement for spectacles with many great advantages. Yearly Disposable are that which can be used for entire year.

First Lens offers a great variety of yearly conventional lenses. Conventional lenses are lenses which are worn for a year before being replaced.

Apart from getting rid of your bulky glasses, conventional lenses give you many other benefits including a broader vision.

  • Get the best of brands in yearly conventional contact lenses like, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon Lenses, etc. on First Lens
  • Whether you have been using contact lenses for a while or it’s your first time, you are sure to find the right conventional lenses
  • Find coloured cosmetic lenses to match the characteristics of your cornea and make them look even more beautiful
  • With high water content the toric lenses make a great choice
  • Corrects vision problems like, corneal astigmatism with clear and comfortable conventional contact lenses
  • Keep them clean and disinfected to keep your eyes safe and healthy

Monthly contact lenses, bi-weeklies, or dailies — it’s your choice

Always talk to your eye doctor when you get new or different contact lenses. Your eye doctor will make sure your contacts are prescribed and fitted for your eyes, so they keep both your eyesight and your eye health at their best.

When it comes to contact lens schedules, picking between monthly, biweekly and daily contact lenses is often a matter of personal preference, but your doctor can give you additional guidance on making the best choice for your lifestyle.