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Supporting Your Vision with Japanese Quality

SEED is a Japanese contact lens manufacturer founded in 1957. We began our contact lens research in 1951 and have been supplying contact lenses, lens care products, and spectacles in Japan for more than half a century. We are dedicated to providing safe and comfortable contact lenses for every individual.

We are a fast-growing global contact lens company, currently supplying our products to more than 20 countries. Besides Japan, we had also established subsidiaries in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Belgium and a representative office in Vietnam. In 2017, we entered India market keeping to our vision of Supporting Your Vision with Japanese Quality.


  • High-Performance and Eco-Friendly Facility

All the manufacturing processes of SEED Pure Series are strictly managed at SEED Kounosu laboratory. Great care is taken in producing each pair of SEED contact lens at the manufacturing plant in order to ensure the utmost safety of human eyes. SEED takes its environmental responsibility seriously and ensures its facilities are eco-friendly.

  • Energy Efficiency Utilization

Seed Contact Lens

SEED uses one of the nation’s largest steam accumulators to supply steam, which is essential for the autoclave sterilization of contact lenses, in a stable and economical way. In addition, we have also set up solar panel generation system on the rooftop of the buildings to make use of renewable energy.

The introduction of FEMS energy management system in our manufacturing plant also allows us to monitor and manage the effective use of electricity.


  • Large Reduction of Water Consumption

Large amounts of pure water are used during the manufacturing process of soft contact lenses. To utilise discharged water from the factory, we have built the water recycling system for large-scale water conservation.

In addition, we have created eco-friendly technologies and facilities, i.e. the recycling of the plastics emitted from the manufacturing processes, and we are currently working on the conservation of global environment through various company activities.

  • High Standard of Inspection Process and Quality Management System

To ensure the quality of the products, we are shipping only products that passed through our strict quality management system and thorough inspection.

Furthermore, using the two-dimensional code and ID tag, we also implemented an integrated management system for production and distribution. This enables all lenses to be traced.

In addition, we have obtained the certification of IS013485, which is the international standard of quality management systems for the medical devices. This has further strengthened our quality control system.

Certified according to the ISO-13485 at Regulatory Affairs Department, Quality Assurance Office, Clinical Evaluation Office, Kounosu Laboratory