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Dahab One Day Color

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DAHAB soft contact lenses have been exclusively manufactured to Waleed Optics Company by one of the leading Korean manufacturers.

About Dahab

DAHAB soft contact lenses have been exclusively manufactured to Waleed Optics Company by one of the leading Korean manufacturers. WE carefully selected the lenses design (Texture, diameter, Base Curve, color blend, material) and color range to provide end-users with an elegant, comfortable, safe, and trendy product.

DAHAB contact lenses come in two collections “Gold” and “Platinum” classified in three different texture designs and 29 colors to fit everyone’s mode and style. They are available for daily and monthly use. Dahab offers cosmetic Contact Lenses as well as power lenses from -1 to -10 and +1 to +5.

Dahab high elegancy, quality, and safety standard are further reflected on the packing design.

THE product range is complemented with solution and eye drops, formulated to keep our product appropriately stored and, encourage user to comfortably take a good care of their eyes while wearing our contact lenses.

Management has been committed to continued product development, to appropriately respond to the dynamic customer needs, which has obviously been reflected on frequent new colors and texture releases in relatively short periods.

DAHAB Lenses” launched its collection in six colors in 2014 to reach a total of twenty-nine colors classified in three unique design groups by 2018.

DAHAB Lenses” are sold, through exclusive distributors among the Middle East. Furthermore, “DAHAB Lenses” are directly sold in Kuwait and Egypt through Waleed Optics offices. We recognize the importance of direct presence and the necessity to closely maintain the prestigious position of “DAHAB Lenses” in the Egyptian market, therefore, we have established a branch in Egypt as part of our expansion plan. We have not just distributed “DAHAB Lenses” across the Middle East from the Gulf to North Africa, Iraq, Lebanon and Iraq, nevertheless we have tapped the European markets through the first distribution channel in Germany, to draw a new pathway for markets we proud of our presence in, which demonstrates “DAHAB Lenses” adopted quality standards.

As an Arab investor, we are creating an imprint in the contact lenses market, that will change the face of competition among the region.

As promised and to crown “Dahab Lenses” success, We introduced a “Platinum Collection” the new color range that comes with a broader vision to complement the story of Dahab lenses.