Glens Slimmest Reading Glasses


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  • German Technology. Super portable glasses in the size of a business card.
  • Take your reading glasses everywhere in your wallet, pocket or a keychain.
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  • Made in Germany
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About: Portable Backup Reading Glasses

Package: 250 gr recyclable paper case with protection same size as a business card.

Glens Slimmest Reading Glasses: Armless, handy and lightweight, Thanks to the design and size they easily fit in your wallet and cardholders or simply slip into your pocket, bag, and purse.
Estonian design and German technology have been bonding together to fabricates the world’s lightest and smallest reading glasses.

Stunning Invisibility plus flexibility thanks to lenses made from Copolyester.

  • Dimension:  78mm x 21mm x 1mm
    •    Weight: less than one gram
    •    Color: Transparent

In which situations you may need Glens glasses?

There is the list just to give you an idea:

At hairdresser when you have color on your head or hairdresser is drying your head, you are waiting and you would like to read something (messages from your phone or magazine). In these situations it is very complicated or even impossible to use your main reading glasses, Glens glasses are perfect to help.




In choir the singer or musician is reading the notes (close, looking down through Glens glasses) and the same time watching the conductor (in long-distance, above the glasses) and for the audience, these glasses are just invisible!

One good idea is to have Glens glasses for any emergency case even in your First aid kit if you need to see something really small and it is urgent – then Glens glasses taking basically no space, but can be very helpful for seeing small things.


In the restaurant or cafe to read the menu, to read the bill in case your main glasses are not with you or you did not want to take any bigger bag. Thanks to Glens glasses in your pocket or wallet you can still read everything that is needed.



To read the program and info on your tickets when you go to the theatre or concert and you would like to have no bag with you or just a small clutch bag.

A photographer using the camera can see after shooting the photo even the smallest details thanks to Glens glasses.

When using the phone or reading something from phone or Ipad or laptop, Glens glasses can be closest reading glasses to you (on keeper waiting to be taken, in package between the cover of Ipad or phone, in your pocket, in your keychain which is hanging fixed to your bag, as your necklace, fixed to your belt etc).

In Pharmacy or shop reading the smallest print on package or instructions.

In hotel reception or bank  – filling the form, reading and signing the document, you do not need to search for your glasses having Glenses with you in keychain, hanging with rubber ring or metal hook or in package which fits in so many places better than nothing else.

Using while making make up (to see better even smallest lines)

You can use with sunglasses on the beach, in park, in garden – reading something, you can place Glens glasses under or in front your sunglasses. After using just place them in package used as bookmark or place them inside of keychain hanging attached to your bag or belt or necklace etc.

Taxi or car driver having Glens glasses on keeper in car to use time to time when car is stopped and needs to read something small (receipt, message on phone etc).


Frequently asked questions

How do I wear Glens Reading Glasses?

Use three fingers to handle the glasses.  Three ergonomic points on the nose bridge help to retain grip when putting on and taking off your glasses.

Are Glens Reading Glasses suitable for Me?

Glens glasses are ready-to-wear reading glasses that do not require a prescription. Glens reading glasses are easy to wear. The glasses do not fall off nor squeeze and are elastic enough to be compatible with different nose shapes. It is easy to carry Glens reading glasses with you at all times as they fit into your pocket, wallet or card case.

I have my usual reading glasses, why do I need then Glens reading glasses which are so small?

Yes, exactly this is one of the main advantages of Glens back up reading glasses that they are so small, that perfectly fit in the smallest thinnest bag, in the pocket, in the wallet, in mobile case, as a bookmark in your diary etc. Glens reading glasses are helping you always out if you can not take your usual reading glasses with you because of their size or if you simply forgot to take them. Having just for any case even in your wallet one pack of Glens glasses (size of our package is same as the size of the bank card) can make you so happy in some situations when your main reading glasses are not so close or not even with you.

How many dioptric strengths do Glens glasses have?

We have three types of strengths: +1.5, +2.0, +2.5. But Glens glasses can be used also together, then result will be summed, for example +1,5 and +1,5 makes together +3.