Air optix for astigmatism (3 lens/box)

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    Air Optix for Astigmatism (3 Lens/box)

    Product description (Air optix for astigmatism (3 lens/box))

    Product: Contact Lenses Brand Name: Alcon Contact Lenses  Product Type: Monthly Disposable

    A good news as well as a good solution for all those people suffering from astigmatism. Monthly disposable contact lenses by air optix with a 33% water content and a blue visibility tint to spice up your view, both indoors and outdoors. Made with the most versatile material for the eyes i.e. Lotrafilcon B which strains minimal and provides the comfortable feather touch to the sensitive eyes. These contact lenses are the safest bet for everyone willing to get rid of that weight on your nose. Astigmatism has many solutions, and out of the very best solutions available, Air optix takes the cake.

    Brand Name Alcon Contact Lenses
    Gender Unisex
    Product Type Contact Lens-Spherical
    Type Monthly Disposable
    Expiry Min. 1 year from date of purchase
    Water Content 33.00%
    Diameter 14.5 mm
    Base Curve 8.7 mm
    Usage Duration 1 Month
    Usage Duration 3 Lens/box
    Lens Material Lotrafilcon B

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    First Lens offers a wide range of Alcon contact lenses, colored contacts, and contact lens lubricants.

    Alcon, monthly and yearly disposable contact lenses along with contact lens care products are available at our Online Store First Lens.

    Alcon was founded in 1945[2] in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. It is uniquely poised to serve every contact lens wearer by addressing the full life cycle of their needs. CIBA Vision is the ultimate source for vision care.

    Safety Measures & Expiry:

    • Wash your hands with water and soap and dry them completely before touching the contact lenses.
    • Always clean your contact lenses gently with fresh contact lens cleaning solution.
    • Make sure you keep your contact lenses in a clean lens case to avoid eye irritation or infection.
    • Avoid wearing contacts overnight or while swimming.

    Expiry: Minimum 1 year from the date of purchase.

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